Cool (Kids) Cabs Comes to Cape Town

It’s time to say goodbye to busses and overloaded vehicles, Cool (Kids) Cabs has made their way to Cape Town and they’re here to stay! Their use of technology to ensure safety and reliability has peaked our interest and we thought it only fair to share their unique service with our readers.

Founded in Johannesburg in 2009, Cool (Kids) Cabs has provided safe and reliable transport for kids across Johannesburg for almost a decade. With over 8 000 pickups per month, Cool (Kids) Cabs promises to transport kids safely from point A to point B, taking the stress out of busy schedules and providing a transportation service that parents can trust.

“We started in 2009 with just one car and now have 36 cars on the roads in Johannesburg. Our focus has always been to provide the safest transport for children – they are your most precious cargo and entrusting them to someone else is not something you should take lightly,” says Tiffini Wessing Hein, founder of Cool (Kids) Cabs.

In an effort to turn the traditional scholar transport model on its head and break the negative, stereotypical perception, Hein decided to bring state of the art technology and features into the mix. These include:

24/7 Tracking

Not only are each of the cabs installed with 24/7 tracking devices, they are also monitored by the behind the scenes team, every second of every day. The tracking team monitors all vehicles to ensure that they are running on time, sticking to designated routes and are at the correct pick up and drop off points at the correct time. Then, once the child has been picked up or dropped off, the tracking team sends an SMS notification to the parents to inform them of the current whereabouts of their child.

Onboard Camera

In addition to live tracking, the control room has full visual contact with each vehicle and its occupants, ensuring that the team knows exactly what is happening in each cab at all times.

Driver Behaviour

Using state of the art onboard monitoring systems, the control room is able to monitor driver behaviour in real time, ensuring that the drivers aren’t speeding, braking too hard or revving unnecessarily.


And if all the above wasn’t enough, the team reports every detail of every trip made and makes these reports available to parents.

Cool (Kids) Cabs launched in Cape Town in January 2018 and are eager about the prospects of bringing such a revolutionary service to families across Cape Town. Here, at ParentsCorner, we’re excited to see how they use technology to bring a secure and reliable service to families. Cool (Kids) Cabs’ use of various monitoring systems to guarantee a safe service, is a perfect example of how technology can and is being used to advance and improve our lives, and the lives of our children.

“What we are providing is peace of mind for parents and care-givers so that they can rest assured in the knowledge that their child is being transported safely by a reliable and professional driver.” concludes Hein.

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