What Should Parents Know About Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Since its launch on the 6th of July 2016, the Pokémon go app has been installed over 100 million times and is said to be setting a new standard for the world of gaming. Not only does this widely popular app appeal to the nostalgic side of the 90’s Pokémon fans, but it has entered into the exciting realm of augmented reality. Pokémon Go, owned by Nintendo, is available for download on iOS and Android devices and encourages players to take to the outside world in search of Pokémon.

While this app has been well received on a global scale, it  has been met with some apprehension. According to a recent article released on MarketWatch “the sensation has created some safety concerns for younger players, who are going outside to catch Pokémon, sometimes alone.” In light  of this, our team set out to explore some of the pros and cons of Pokémon go, here’s what we’ve found.

On the one hand, Pokémon Go encourages players to walk around, explore and embrace the outdoors unlike any other game or app out there. It encourages social interaction between players at Pokestops and Pokegyms and it is a great form of entertainment for the entire family.

On the other hand, the app uses the players GPS on their phone to identify Pokémon which means that players are at risk of being lured into unsafe areas in search of their next Pokémon. An example of this is the recent case reported on CNN where four men used the app to track down players at a PokeStop late at night and robbed them at gunpoint. The app has also been said to lead to “distracted walking” which could lead to players finding themselves in some unfortunate situations.

While these are extreme cases of the safety concerns surrounding the app, we suggest that the app be used with caution, especially when used by younger players. We recommended that parents of younger gamers be aware of the risks involved and take the time to educate their kids on the dangers of playing the game irresponsibly. We’ll even go as far to say that parents should play the game with their children to gain a good understanding of how the game works and what it requires from its players.

For more information on the ins and outs of this new game, take a look at this recent article released on CNET.

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